Robot Restaurant in Tokyo with Chrissy Teigen
Credit: John S Lander/Getty Images; Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto via Getty Images

Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood is not known for its subdued entertainment.

On one street, flashing lights advertise a “robot restaurant” experience. Those who step into the show are bombarded by a 90-minute barrage of dancers, lasers, music and, of course, plenty of robots.

It may be enough to experience the kaleidoscopic, flashing, otherworldly show once in your life. Chrissy Teigen has done it twice.

She posted a video from the Tokyo attraction on Monday, noting, “not many people can or will say they’ve been to robot restaurant twice.”

Since its opening in 2012, Robot Restaurant has become a bonafide tourist hit. The 90-minute show (with several breaks between acts) leads visitors through a complicated storyline as warrior princesses battle giant robots, dinosaurs lumber down an iron gateway, and men covered in wire lights dance in tight formations.

Inside Robot Cabaret 'Robot Restaurant
Credit: Chris McGrath/Getty Images

While the name “Robot Restaurant” may hint at some nourishment, the menu is actually quite limited. There is popcorn for the show and some fast bites like sushi bento boxes. The show is the reason to attend.

The psychedelic, over-the-top show changes throughout the year so those who — like Chrissy Teigen — are enamored by dancing, warring robots and flashing lights can attend multiple times for different experiences.

Travelers are best advised to buy tickets in advance, either online or via hotel concierge, for about $56 (6,000 yen).