Sure, a lot of famous people are expected to be in attendance this Saturday at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but there’s one person we know for a fact won’t be there: Rihanna.

A few days ago, a reporter with Access Hollywood had the gall to ask the Barbados-born singer if she would be heading to Windsor Castle to watch Meghan and Harry say their vows. And truly, her response could not have been more perfect.

"Why would you think I’m invited?” Rihanna snapped back to the reporter. Then, the Access Hollywood producer reminded the "Umbrella" singer that she had spent a bit of time with Prince Harry during his tour of the Caribbean back in November 2016. But, without missing a beat, Rihanna let the reporter know the wedding madness needs to come to an end: "You met me, you think you’re coming to my wedding? Am I coming to yours?"


It’s a pretty solid reminder that just because you’re rich, famous, a politician, or even related to either Harry or Meghan, you don’t automatically deserve an invitation to their wedding. After all, it is their day, and not yours.

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But who is on the guest list — and, more importantly, who isn’t — has caused quite a bit of controversy in the last few months. Neither former President Barack Obama nor current President Donald Trump made the list. Theresa May, Britain's prime minister, also didn’t make the cut.

Meghan has chosen to not invite her half-siblings or extended family such as her aunts, uncles, and at least a few cousins. They have been more than willing to tell every member of the press who will listen just how hurt they are that Meghan chose to celebrate her day without them.

Instead, Meghan and Harry have chosen to keep their wedding a relatively small affair (for royals, at least), inviting just a few hundred close family members and friends to witness the event in person inside St George’s chapel. Additionally, the couple invited a few thousand members of the public to watch their procession both before and after the wedding inside the walls of Windsor Castle.