Kasbah Tamadot Morocco Resort Richard Branson

Believe it or not, Richard Branson does in fact leave the confines of Necker Island every once in awhile. But, when the billionaire does travel, it appears he prefers to still stay at his own properties.

This time, Branson is visiting Morocco, where he’s staying at his property known as Kasbah Tamadot. That resort, its website explains, sits just at the base of the Atlas Mountains that span across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

Kasbah Tamadot Morocco Resort Retreat Oasis
Credit: Courtesy of Virgin Limited Edition

The unique hotel was purchased by Branson during one of his “famous ballooning expeditions.” The property comes with 28 rooms, each having been individually decorated to “reflect the beautiful architecture of the building and features antiques from all over the world,” according to the site.

“I have spent the last few days in Morocco and have been struck by how special the country is in the winter months,” Branson shared in a new blg post. “Every single day I’ve been here has felt like a summer day back in Britain and most days are like that even in the middle of winter.”

As Branson also revealed, he’s “determined to get really fit” so he’s prepared at any moment to travel into space with is Virgin Galactic group. And truly, hiking and biking up the picturesque Atlas Mountains can do just that.

Though, even without the mountains Branson would be well taken care of in the health department as the hotel also comes with two tennis courts, a full weight room, and large indoor lap pool.

Kasbah Tamadot Morocco Resort Retreat Oasis
Credit: Courtesy of Virgin Limited Edition

“There’s always great company for the long walks (even if we are sometimes too out of breath to chat!). The majority of the people who work at Kasbah are delightful Berbers from the surrounding villages and it feels like one big family,” he wrote.

Branson concluded that he visits as often as he can, because it’s a special place for both his family and his friends. He added, “Hopefully one day I'll bump into you there.” And for around $717 a night, you can make that happen.