This Resort Is Turning Itself Into the Best Light Show in Las Vegas — and You Don't Need a Ticket

The walls of Resorts World Las Vegas became its own backdrop for its new show, "Glow."

Exterior of Resorts World Las Vegas
Photo: Courtesy of Resorts World Las Vegas

The walls of a Las Vegas resort have become one of the city's newest attractions.

Resorts World Las Vegas has transformed its entire building into a tapestry of digital storytelling for its new spectacle, "Glow." But unlike some of Las Vegas's other attractions, you don't need a ticket for this entertainment.

The walls of Resorts World will come to life every hour with larger-than-life adventures, like "a feline-led psychedelic trip into space" and a surrealist dance stage. And the entire resort will be a part of the show. From the 100,000-square-foot LED display on the West Tower to the famous 50-foot LED globe inside the resort, every available space with lights will become part of the story.

"Glow" will send visitors into wild settings like a bioluminescent ocean, a "synthwave" cityscape and the depths of an emerald jungle. There are 10 "unique show capsules" that will splash across the resort's screens at different times throughout the day. The lights will create surprising optical illusions and "tap into the energy of the city," according to a press release. A soundtrack will also accompany each of the shows.

The show was designed in partnership with the creative multimedia studios Moment Factory and Digital Kitchen.

"The animated visual tapestry we developed for Resorts World Las Vegas explores a variety of themes and speaks to our intent to create worlds beyond belief," Ally Malloy, Head of Digital & Experiential at Digital Kitchen, one of the multimedia studios behind the show said in a press release.

The show will run every hour from noon until 1 a.m. every day.

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