You Can Rent a ‘Social Media Sitter’ to Take Over Your Instagram on Vacation

Social Media Sitter
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Most adults don’t need a sitter, but if you’re trying to up your Instagram game, it might be time to get one.

Ibis, a Swiss hotel chain, is now offering a special service that allows travelers the opportunity to take a vacation from their own social media accounts by hiring a “social media sitter.” The sitter, who is guaranteed to be an Instagram influencer, will take over your account and post seemingly perfect photos, Instagram Stories, and, if you want, even reply to comments on your feed. All of this while you’re out actually enjoying your vacation instead of trying to capture the perfect photo of it.

Called “Relax, We Post,” the service is currently on a trial run through early December at Ibis hotels in Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland. Renting a sitter is totally free for guests staying at one of the hotels, which, considering that some social media influencers get paid upwards of $3,000 per post, seems like a pretty good deal. One of the sitters, Cristina Gheiceanu, a fashion and beauty influencer, has over 149,000 followers, so you know she knows what she’s doing.

The only stipulation? After handing over your handle and password, sitters are required to post #postedbysocialmediasitter so there’s some sort of, er, transparency that it’s not actually you posting the photos.

To help launch the program, Ibis created a hilarious video that shows an "Instagram boyfriend" — the boyfriend who takes all of the unedited photos — trying to get a dreamy shot of his girlfriend on the lake before being attacked by the qualms of social media. The ad, which is funny and horrifying, truly reflects the overwhelming power of social media in our lives. Ibis, which offers affordable and trendy hotel rooms, wants guests to step away from those distractions and actually enjoy their vacations IRL.

Sounds like a good idea, if you can take your mind off the fact that you shouldn’t be worrying about social media. And if you trust a total stranger to take over your account. If not, maybe you should just stick to running your own IG.

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