Reese Witherspoon on Vacation

Reese Witherspoon may be one of Hollywood’s hardest working celebrities, but that doesn’t mean she shies away from a vacation every now and again. In fact, if her Instagram account is any indication, she’s a true vacationing expert.

Over the weekend, Witherspoon shared a few photos and live updates to her Instagram account as she enjoyed a bit of fun in the snow in Sun Valley, Idaho with her husband, Jim Toth, and her three children, Ava, Deacon, and Tennessee.

“The mountains are calling…” Witherspoon captioned a photo of her and her husband as they stood in front of the mountains on a perfect bluebird day.

She shared another joyous photo of herself in front of a red barn with the simple caption, “I love Sun Valley!”

But this wasn’t the only vacation the Hollywood A-lister went on in recent months. She’s taken more than a few beautiful beach vacations recently, including a lavish-looking girls trip to the Hamptons over the summer and a wilderness vacation to Canada with her son, Deacon.

However, on her trip with Deacon, things got a bit hairy for the adventure lover.

"We went kayaking in this glacier water, and the water's freezing cold because it's really north in Canada, and they said 'No, there's no way you can roll this kayak because it is literally un-rollable,'" Reese told Ellen during an appearance on 'The Ellen Show'. "What did I do five minutes into it? Rolled us right into the water."

As she further explained, "I went straight into a tree, grabbed it, flipped the whole thing into the glacier and start screaming 'Help! Help! Deacon help!' But it was really funny. And it's a good story to tell on 'Ellen'."

Maybe it’s best Witherspoon sticks to dry land from now on.