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Reese Witherspoon and her mom Betty at a taping of Saturday Night Live
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

Reese Witherspoon announced Thursday that she'll soon be making a comeback as Elle Woods for the next installment of the Legally Blonde franchise, but for now, she’s busy putting her own mother on blast on Instagram.

Witherspoon, who also founded the lifestyle brand Draper James, spilled the beans on what her mother, Betty, packs inside her travel bag on Wednesday. In an Instagram story, the actress revealed that her mom’s to-go tote is filled with snacks "straight from the '80s."

“This is how I know my mom's visiting, she always packs her snacks,” Witherspoon shared.

For the camera, Witherspoon unpacked Betty's favorites including Folgers coffee crystals: “She always has to have her Folgers.” Next, she took out Coffee Mate — the original powdered creamer — followed by Sweet 'N Low for “all her beverages.”

Bag of Reese Witherspoon's mom's snacks
Credit: Reese Witherspoon/@reesewitherspoon via Instagram

Witherspoon further revealed her mom always packs Ensure shakes, adding, “vodka shot optional.” This, of course, is referencing her mom’s recent set visit, where she was seen on video telling Reese that you can “put vodka in the Ensure.” We want to party with Betty.

Oh, and lest we forget, Reese also revealed her mom travels with everyone’s favorite beverage enhancer: Crystal Light. Necessary because, as Betty likes to say, according to Reese, "Water tastes bad." She also packed some caramel-flavored Quaker rice cakes.

By the way, all of these items were packed inside the ultimate summer tote that you can own too from Reese’s Draper James line. It’s known as the “Cool It Y’all” tote. The insulated cooler bag, the site says, is perfect for “the beach or for a picnic in the park.” Or, you know, for packing all your snacks when you visit your daughter's house.

You can grab the bag and be just as cool as Mama Witherspoon for $58.