Temperatures across the U.S. have been 20-30 degrees below average.

Winter cold
Credit: Cecilia Pensini/Getty Images

Anyone who left their house or apartment Tuesday morning with nothing but their eyes exposed to the elements will be unsurprised to learn of the record-breaking cold snap affecting much of the U.S.

The cold weather is reaching down all the way to Florida, with freeze warnings in place from Texas to the Atlantic Coast, Reuters reported. Most of the states located east of the Rocky Mountains are seeing temperatures 20-30 degrees below normal, thanks to a blast of Arctic air pushed south by the jet stream.

Southern states — except for parts of southern Florida — are not immune to the chill. Mobile, Alabama could see the temperature drop to 16 degrees Fahrenheit, and parts of Florida will see temperatures dip into the 40s.

“Tuesday morning, we’re looking at temperatures with very high probability of record lows,” Brian Hurley, a National Weather Service meteorologist at College Park, Maryland, told Reuters.

In most of the U.S., the temperatures are expected to warm up Wednesday.

The past week has been 15-20 degrees colder than normal in New York City, according to a release from the Governor's office. Revelers who watched the ball drop in Times Square on New Year's Eve in New York City experienced the coldest New Year's Eve celebration since 1962, The New York Times reported.

Northeastern residents won't see relief as soon as the rest of the country, as below freezing temperatures are set to continue through to the end of the week in much of the northeastern U.S., with another blast of Arctic air set to hit the region Thursday and Friday, Newsweek reported.

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