You don’t need a pot of gold to appreciate this rainbow.

People in Ribeirao Claro in Brazil got to witness a meteorological event known as “cloud iridescence” on January 28, AccuWeather reported. The phenomenon results in a gorgeously intense rainbow that is made up of reflected solar rays on water droplets and ice crystals that create clouds in the sky.

In the video, taken by Andre Nassif, you can see the strangely shaped rainbow that seems to almost be poking out out a hole in the sky. Actually, it’s just a reflection of light that is “skirting” the cloud.

Cloud iridescence is similar to what you might see in oil films on puddles, and usually can only occur on certain types of clouds that are spread thin across the sky. That makes it rare and difficult to spot.

It’s also most often seen close to the sun, so if you ever get a chance to see it in person, be sure to keep your eyes safe from the glare.