There are less than 200 left in the wild.

One very adorable animal has become a beacon of hope and the center of a new conservation movement.

Earlier this year, a female Arabian Leopard cub was born at the Arabian Leopard Breeding Center in Taif, Saudi Arabia. The cub is now one of 16 animals born at the center and marks a significant milestone in attempts to bring the Arabian Leopard back from near-extinction.

The Arabian Leopard Baby Cub (5 mos)
Credit: Courtesy of Experience AlUla

Classified as "critically endangered animals," there are approximately less than 50 left in the wild in Saudi Arabia and less than 200 left across the region.

The breeding center hopes to eventually rewild the animals back into the mountains of Alula in Saudi Arabia by 2024. But many things need to happen before that goal can become reality. Not only must there be enough animals to release into the wild, but there must be a suitable habitat in which they can live. Diminishing habitat is one of the biggest barriers to rewilding the animals.

Close up of the Arabian Leopard Baby Cub (5 mos)
Credit: Courtesy of Experience AlUla

Conservationists hope to open a new breeding center at the Sharaan Nature Reserve in Alula by 2024. Efforts to bring back the species also include the establishment of the Arabian Leopard Fund, creating partnerships with organizations like the International Union for Conservation of Nature (ICUN), restoring the flora and fauna of the nature reserve and reintroducing prey species like Ibex and gazelles.

And as the breeding center attempts to revive the species, animal lovers can help by participating in your own "Catwalk."

On Nov. 6, people from around the world can participate in Catmosphere's "Catwalk." The event is a seven-kilometer (4.4-mile) walk to raise awareness of endangered big cats. Anyone, anywhere in the world can participate and it's free to sign up.

Register for the event by choosing your favorite big cat — perhaps the Arabian Leopard — to dedicate your walk to. At the end of the day, the cat whose fans have walked the most miles will be crowned the winner.

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