Fans can't get enough of the Queen and Sir David Attenborough as a comedic duo.
queen elizabeth
Credit: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

A new documentary from ITV shows just how humorous the Queen can be — while providing a rare look into some of the traditions that have taken place behind closed doors at Buckingham Palace.

The documentary, titled “The Queen’s Green Planet,” brings the 91-year-old face to face with another famed 91-year-old, British broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough. The duo discuss the Queen’s love of trees and her dream of creating a global network of protected forests around the world through the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy.

Aside from being impressed by the project’s ambitious aim of bringing people together across the U.K. and all of the 53 Commonwealth countries to plant forests, viewers are smitten with the Queen’s sassy humor.

From discussing the royal family’s Christmas traditions to joking about garden parties, the Queen provides viewers with a rare look into her personality.

As the two walk through the palace grounds, the Queen makes Attenborough laugh and the two discuss Christmas traditions at the palace, including the Queen's gifts to her staff and Prince George and Princess Charlotte's habit of knocking the ornaments off the tree.

"The problem is the children love knocking those," the Queen says. "The great thing is to make them decorate it, and then they're a bit more careful."

The documentary also reveals how the Queen’s love of trees started in her early childhood and reveals that she planted trees for each of her children throughout the palace grounds.