Buckingham Palace might be the most elegant gym in the world.

By Stacey Leasca
May 28, 2020

Queen Elizabeth is one generous lady. At least when it comes to allowing people to take advantage of her empty castles.

A few months ago, in an effort to protect herself from the coronavirus pandemic, the Queen, along with her husband Prince Philip and 22 staffers, all moved into her Windsor Castle estate. The group appears to be hunkered down with no plans to leave anytime soon. That means her Buckingham Palace home is sitting empty. But, because the Queen is a giving woman, she’s reportedly told Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, he can use the space for his daily jogs.

Michael Dunning/Getty Images

According to The Times, the Queen granted the permissions to Johnson to use the grounds knowing just how important it is to him to blow off steam with a little run.

“It’s obviously important that the prime minister is able to take exercise,” a source told the paper.

As the paper added, Johnson was photographed arriving at Buckingham in a Range Rover, completely outfitted in running gear. He likely ran around the home’s garden and tennis courts, though really there is plenty of space to roam considering the castle sits on some 40 acres of lush land.

Boris Johnson runs through a field during his morning run on October 2, 2018 in Thame, England.
Leon Neal/Getty Images

Johnson really must keep up his workout routine, considering he is also in recovery from the coronavirus as well. In March, Johnson tested positive for the virus and was even placed in intensive care.

As an avid runner, getting back to his routine may indeed be helping his recovery. But, as People noted, Buckingham isn’t the only royal residence Johnson has been using for his workouts. Johnson was also spotted running on the grounds of Lambeth Palace, which happens to be the home of the Archbishop of Canterbury. And, on each of the runs, Johnson brings along his trusty pup, Dilyn, to ensure he’s never alone. Must be nice to have friends in high places.