Royal Staffers Have One Request: Stop Using the Bathroom Outside the Queen’s Balmoral Castle

Public bathrooms have been closed to the global coronavirus pandemic.

Queen Elizabeth’s royal staff has one simple request for visitors near Balmoral: Please stop using the grounds as your own personal bathroom.

According to CNN, employees at Balmoral Castle, the Queen’s favored holiday home, are rather disappointed by people passing by the estate who apparently use the grounds to relieve themselves. They are now urging the public to please stop using the area as their own outdoor toilets.

"Disappointed to see so many wipes discarded on the Estate today. Next to paths and monuments. Please remember there are no public toilets open for miles around at the moment," staff at Balmoral wrote in a tweet.

"Part of the problem is that we are seeing a lot of non-biodegradable wipes being discarded in the countryside," the staff added in additional tweets. "Also, people are choosing to relieve themselves right next to busy paths or monuments rather than move a little bit further away to avoid contamination."

As CNN noted, the reason for the uptick in waste may be because the United Kingdom is still partially closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, which means many public facilities are also closed. However, people are still allowed to exercise and socialize outside but have nowhere to relieve themselves when needed.

Balmore Castle
Robert Plattner/Oneworld Picture/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

While the staff is still hoping people will be respectful they also know people sometimes just have to go. So, they have one more suggestion: "If you need to pee, please do so at least 30 meters from lochs or streams," the staff added in a tweet. "If you need to defecate, do so as far away as possible from buildings, paths, watercourses, and farm animals. Bury feces in a shallow hole and replace the turf."

But, again, try to go before you leave the house so you don’t need to leave the Queen or her staff any little surprises outside her home.

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