The hotel's manager was shocked when he got the call.
Ice Hotel Quebec City Montreal Canada
Credit: Getty Images/All Canada Photos

Quebec City’s Village Vacances Valcartier winter park ice hotel had quite the scare on Tuesday morning when a small fire broke out in one of the 45 guest rooms.

"When I received the phone call they had to repeat twice that there was a fire in the ice hotel," manager Jacques Desbois told CBC.

Luckily for those inside, the fire remained contained to the one guest room and was extinguished. However, while the physical flames only damaged that room, smoke from the fire did enter the rest of the hotel, affecting guest along the way. Several guests were reportedly treated at a nearby hospital for smoke inhalation.

But even with the minor injuries, all guests were quickly alerted of the danger and were able to evacuate in a timely fashion, according to CBC. Fire officials arrived on the scene within 15 minutes.

"Everyone responded the accurate way to make this was an event from which we can learn, and make sure this first time will be the last time in the hotel's life," Desbois said.

Even after the flames went out and the smoke cleared, how the fire started remained quite a mystery. The fire was reported to have started when a candle fell on a guest’s sleeping bag. However, Desbois would not confirm that claim with local news outlets.

For now, the hotel remains closed and 33 guest were moved to Valcartier's main hotel. The hotel will also have to contend with some pretty warm weather on Thursday and Friday when temperatures are expected to be in the mid-40s. But, after that it should be smooth sailing for the hotel made of snow and ice, with temperatures dropping well below freezing for the foreseeable future.