Qatar Airways added Airbus’s first A350-1000 aircraft to its fleet on Tuesday.

The aircraft is also the first Airbus to feature Qatar’s Qsuites business class (it’s the 16th plane overall to have the suites).

The plane has a capacity of 327 passengers, 46 in Qsuite and 281 in economy. While much ado has been made over the Qsuites (double beds, multiple passenger configuration and sliding doors top the list), economy passengers

Inside the first class cabin at the launch of the Qatar Airlines Airbus A350-1000
Credit: H. Goussé/Master Films/Courtesy of Airbus

Seats in economy are 18 inches wide and have 32 inches of pitch — relatively roomy dimensions on a global industry scale.

The A350-1000 measures 243 feet from nose to tail, the longest fuselage of Airbus’s A350 XWB family. It’s also a fuel efficient aircraft (with a range of 7,950 nautical miles) with wings that “morph” mid-flight to “obtain optimal efficiency,” according to Airbus.

The new aircraft is exciting for both aviation geeks and the more oblivious passenger. The A350-1000’s composite construction allows higher cabin pressure and humidity — meaning that long-haul flights are less likely to dry out passengers. There’s also increased capacity for “cabin temperature zones,” hospital grade filters for air circulation and more than 16 million LED ambient light settings which can be used to minimize jet lag.

Lighted economy cabin of Qatar Airways Airbus A350-1000
Credit: P. Masclet/Master Films/Courtesy of Airbus

The aircraft is the first of 42 A350-1000s that Qatar Airways has ordered.

“This remarkable state-of-the-art aircraft will be the first of 42 to be flown on our expanding global route network,” Akbar Al Barker, Qatar’s CEO, said at a press conference in Toulouse. “It will become a firm part of the Qatar Airways fleet, making us the biggest operator in the world of this aircraft type and maintain our status as flying one of the youngest fleets in the sky, with an average age of just five years.”

The aircraft will begin service on Saturday, February 24, flying daily between Doha and London.