By Andrea Romano
May 29, 2018
Jabbrrbox airport lounge boxes
Credit: Courtesy of Jabbrrbox

Air travel would be so much more pleasant if you could get just a little alone time.

New York City’s LaGuardia Airport has unveiled new, private booths in Terminal B that can be rented by anyone who needs a bit of solitude.

Each booth, called a Jabbrrbox, has Wi-Fi access, USB charging, speakers, flight trackers, and mood lighting — to soothe you before facing the airport hoards. Access costs $10 for 15 minutes, $15 for 30 minutes and $30 for an hour.

Jabbrrbox airport lounge boxes
Credit: Courtesy of Jabbrrbox

Jabbrrbox co-founders Brian Hackathorn and Jeremy Jennings say they thought of the idea after finding themselves in New York City with nowhere to make a work call, according to CNN. “The idea of an on-demand, reservable eco-system of private spaces,” Jennings told CNN. “Technology is related to mobility and there's really no great place to find privacy in technology.”

“[Lounges are] a great place for certain amenities, but you still can't find true privacy...So I think we're a great extension,” added Hackathorn.

The booths look small, but Jennings and Hackathorn claim they are actually quite spacious.

Jabbrrbox is currently only in New York City and Chicago, but the company is asking for help from travelers to decide where to go next. If a box of your own sounds like your ideal travel experience, you can vote for your town next.