She's definitely taking after Kate Middleton in the style department.
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Princess Charlotte at her first day of nursery
Credit: The Duchess/Courtesy of The Kensington Palace

It’s official: Princess Charlotte is all grown up.

OK, so the princess is still just two years old, but time certainly seems to be flying by as evidenced by the fact that the youngest royal just attended her first day of preschool.

The tiny tot, who was enrolled in The Willcocks Nursery School by her parents, began classes this morning. Kensington Palace shared adorable photos from the special day, taken by her mother, Kate Middleton.

Kensington confirmed in a tweet that "the images were taken by The Duchess shortly before Princess Charlotte left for her first day of nursery at the Willcocks Nursery School." Charlotte looks adorable — and like she's taking after her mom in the style department — in a little red peacoat (you can get a similar style for $42) with matching shoes and a light pink scarf that matched her Cath Kidston backpack.

According to the Express, all parents were asked to stay in the school for the day to take part in its “stay and play” program. Though it hasn't been confirmed whether or not the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge obliged, according to the school, this activity is crucial to a child’s development. "As your child builds a rapport with the teachers, we will ask you to stay in the vicinity for the first few sessions so that you can return if needed,” the school wrote in its “settling in” page. It also suggests that parents pack a photo or special memento for the child to take with them so they feel more at home in their new school.

According to cafemom, the school is an ideal destination for a young princess, as it is run by a completely female staff, including its headmistress, Lavinia Taylor. The school, as it states in its mission, “ a traditional nursery school which strives to maintain its ethos for high standards, excellence and good manners.”

Giving a peek into what Charlotte's first day might be like, the school describes a typical day as including "a fun and structured morning with lots of free play where children embark on the first stages of learning to read, write and to understand simple numbers with the minimum of pressure.” She will attend the school three days a week.

Of course, you sort of have to be a royal, or at least a member of the British elite, to attend the school as it comes with a rather large price tag of $12,370 a year for just the morning sessions. If you want, you could send your toddler there for afternoon extension for an additional fee. While Kate and William may want Charlotte spending some of that time at home, the little royal may want to stay at school instead. Her home is, after all, getting a little more crowded come spring.