During the red carpet premiere of "The Last Jedi."
prince William and prince harry at star wars premiere
Credit: Getty Images/WPA Pool

Prince William and Prince Harry were welcomed by a special guest this evening as they made their way to the European premiere of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

The two were spotted exchanging greetings with the adorable BB-8 droid from the films as they made their way onto the red carpet at the Royal Albert Hall, with fans already highlighting the moment as one of the most memorable from the premiere.

The duo were greeted by BB-8 after arriving in their car and stepping onto the carpet, taking part in a playful hello with the droid before meeting any of the other guests at the event.

Both William and Harry are making an appearance in the latest Star Wars movie, though you won’t be able to see their faces since they’ll be playing Stormtroopers. The two secured the role after visiting the film’s set last April and convincing the crew to let them play a part in the latest movie, which comes out in theaters this Friday, December 15.

During their meeting Tuesday, BB-8 even gave the brothers a little bow before the two continued the evening welcoming guests alongside cast members including Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Mark Hamill, and Oscar Isaac.

The royals are not the only famous individuals to don a Stromtrooper suit. Actor Daniel Craig also donned the outfit to play a part in “The Force Awakens,” according to Entertainment Weekly.