Northern Ireland Royal Visit Prince Harry Meghan Markle
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Every single move Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make seems to be followed by the media and fans. However, the soon-to-wed royals managed to surprise us all on Friday when they secretly went on a trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

While in Ireland, the pair attended a youth-led peace-building event attended by some 2,000 students, according to People. The program, called Amazing the Space, was launched by Prince Harry on his first visit to Ireland last September.

The pair arrived at the event at 10:30 a.m. local time. There, they heard from the young people involved in Amazing the Space, which encourages its young members to become their own community peace ambassadors. Harry and Meghan listened as the members shared their own dreams for a peaceful future in Northern Ireland.

“The previous generations have caused such problems, but with your help it can never happen again,” Harry told the students. “You’re trying to educate the older generation which is just amazing. Well done. Clean the slates guys, you got this!”

Meghan simply laughed as her fiancé got the crowd pumped and said, “No pressure…”

But Harry kept up his cheerleading, adding, “Over the years religion has divided us but we’re all the same underneath. The most important thing is that the door is open and you just keep pushing at it. Ten, fifteen years ago you would have been up against the tide, but you’re going with it now. Keep it up!”

After meeting with the kids, Meghan and Harry popped off to a pub. OK, so it wasn’t just any pub, it was The Crown Liquor Saloon, which was a one-time "Victorian gin palace." Inside, the couple heard from bartenders about the pub’s history and even shared a few laughs with with local comedians and musicians, People reported.

Northern Ireland Royal Visit Prince Harry Meghan Markle Crown Bar Pub
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Though we can’t be sure whether or not Prince Harry and Meghan will surprise us with any more trips before the wedding, we can only assume they’re entering the planning pressure zone. After all, there are just a few weeks left until they walk down the aisle at St George's Chapel.