Hotel room
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Plenty of sites promise the cheapest hotel room, but a new site promises to keep looking for the best rate even after you book. continues to scan for cheaper prices after booking, giving travelers the opportunity to cancel or rebook up until the usual 24 hours before their trip, TravelMole reported. People who have booked with other services can also email Pricerooms to look for a better deal.

“We have a chance to make rooms cheaper for all concerned,” CEO Jason Fry said in a statement. “The rebooking service is a great feature to ensure you never miss the best price for your booking.”

A quick comparison by TravelMole found that Pricerooms’ bookings were slightly higher compared to However, a search by Travel + Leisure that compared three different, popular hotels in the NYC area (Hotel Pennsylvania, The Beekman and The NoMad) for the same two nights over Labor Day weekend showed that only one of the three were less expensive on Pricerooms.

So, getting the best price is never actually guaranteed, and could be dependent on when and where you book. Still, the opportunity to banish hotel booking FOMO forever is worth looking into.