How President Biden's Summer Vacation Plans Have Changed — and Where He's Going Instead

The 46th president plans to split his time between a Wilmington staycation and Camp David weekend — for now.

President Joe Biden was supposed to start his two-week summer vacation this week — but things haven't quite gone according to plan: both surging COVID-19 cases and ongoing negotiations for the bipartisan infrastructure bill have delayed his plans, the Associated Press reported.

The change in travel plans was first announced by White House press secretary Jen Psaki at Friday's press briefing, as she announced Biden would remain in Washington, D.C. for the early part of this week. "Even as he goes to Delaware or Camp David, he will of course still be working," she said on Aug. 9.

Joe Biden in St Louis, Missouri.
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Both of those locations are still on Biden's agenda as he tries to still carve out some vacation time — but he likely won't make it to one of the Delaware spots on the top of his list: Rehoboth Beach. While the family has had a vacation property in the beach town, the property sits right alongside other beach homes, which makes security a challenge, aides told the AP. While a visit during the week instead of the busier weekends had been a potential idea, it appears that plan is on the backburner. The president was last in Rehoboth Beach in June for First Lady Jill Biden's 70th birthday celebration.

Instead, he'll likely spend part of his downtime in his Wilmington home, which is also easier to secure — though he's received some criticism for spending 14 of his first 29 weekends there already, according to NPR. When asked why Biden was spending so much time there, Psaki said, "Because it's his home. You like going home, right? So does the President. He's human too."

Joe Biden rolls down the window of his truck in Des Moines, Iowa.
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That said, humans also love a getaway, and Biden has taken advantage of the official presidential retreat Camp David in the Catoctin Mountains of Maryland, already spending eight weekends there during his time in office.

Officials tell AP that, as of now, Biden will aim to still spend two weeks away from the capital, splitting his time between a Wilmington staycation and another weekend at Camp David, forgoing hopes of beach time on the Delaware coast this August.

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