By Andrea Romano
March 12, 2018
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The Oasis Inn at Death Valley
Credit: Courtesy of Xanterra Travel Collection

The last thing you’d probably expect to see in Death Valley — the hottest and driest spot in North America — is a swimming pool filled with natural spring water.

But what you’re seeing is not a mirage. Surprisingly, an ancient, underground spring has given life to an oasis in the middle of the desert — and a gorgeous resort as well.

The Oasis Inn at Death Valley
Credit: Courtesy of Xanterra Travel Collection

The pool at The Oasis at Death Valley (formerly known as Furnace Creek Resort), in California, is fed by that very same natural, underground spring, and manages to stay at a cozy 85 degrees, which is pretty refreshing considering the average high temperatures in the area can reach around 116 degrees mid-summer.

Now, after a multimillion-dollar renovation of the Oasis Inn earlier this year, guests can finally visit the pool again, or even lounge in private cabanas, visit the spa, and enjoy the beautiful views of that Death Valley is famous for.

Water is a precious commodity in the desert, so the resort carefully manages it at all times — to the point where it doesn’t even keep the pool chlorinated. This way, the water from the spring can also be used for landscaping and irrigation.

The Oasis Inn at Death Valley
Credit: Courtesy of Xanterra Travel Collection

Aside from the pool, guests can enjoy rounds at the golf course, which is also an Audubon bird sanctuary, stay in one of their 66 updated rooms or enjoy dinner and drinks at the newly renovated fine dining restaurant and cocktail lounge. More additions to the resort are planned to open in the summer.

Plus, there are a lot of amazing places to go and incredible views to see in Death Valley National Park. Not only is the desert landscape a gorgeous place to visit during the day, the surprisingly bright, star-filled night sky is an unforgettable sight.