A suspected poacher was mauled to death by a pack of lions he was hunting in a private game park outside of Kruger National Park, in South Africa.

Police found a gun and ammunition next to his remains, according to South Africa's Eyewitness News.

“It seems the victim was poaching in the game park when he was attacked and killed by lions,” a police spokesperson told Agence France Presse. “They ate his body, nearly all of it, and just left his head and some remains.”

Lions are prized as their body parts are used in traditional medicine in Africa and Asia. The bones are supposed to help with recovery after injury and virility. According to wildlife charity the Born Free Foundation, demand for lion bones is increasing in southeast Asia.

Last year, three male lions were found dead in the same South African province. They had been poisoned and their paws and heads were cut off.

If caught poaching lions in Kruger National Park, there is at least a $5,000 fine upon conviction. However lions aren’t the most prized animals in the park. The fee for poaching a rhinoceros is up to $120,000, if caught.