A number of Americans were on the boat, authorities said.
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Credit: Bloomberg / Contributor

A ferry was in the midst of unloading passengers on a dock in the Mexican town of Playa del Carmen Wednesday when it suddenly exploded, injuring up to 25 people, according to a report.

None of the injuries were life-threatening, the Associated Press reported. In a statement, the local government said that victims suffered minor cuts and were sent to the hospital.

The specific numbers cited in the incident have differed depending on the source. A local Mexican official said at least two Americans and three Canadians were affected. The U.S. Embassy in Mexico, however, later said that seven Americans were hurt in the explosion, and Canadian officials said they were not aware of any injuries to their citizens, according to the AP.

As for the boat, operated by ferry line Barcos Caribe, the damage wasn’t so minor. The vessel was left with a large hole on its starboard side as a result on the explosion, the AP reported.

Video posted to Twitter shows a section of the ship spontaneously exploding, expelling a thick cloud of smoke into the sky. The cause is not yet known, according to the municipal government.

The Port Administration of Quintana Roo, the state in which Playa del Carmen is located, said in a statement that mechanical failure may have resulted in the incident, according to a preliminary investigation.