An Asiana Airlines plane swiped the rear tail off a Turkish Airlines plane on the tarmac at Istanbul Ataturk Airport on Sunday.

“We hadn’t even been stationary for a minute and the engines were still going when there was this huge noise,” Kaarina Barron, a passenger onboard the Turkish Airlines flight, told the Daily Mail. “'It sounded like a bomb going off and the whole plane seemed to tilt over.”

The Turkish Airlines A321 plane was sitting almost 100 feet away from its intended parking spot, according to Newshub, which meant that its tail was sticking out into an active taxiway. It had just arrived at Ataturk from Northern Cyprus.

The Asiana Airlines A330 aircraft was about to depart for Seoul Incheon. That flight was canceled and rescheduled for Monday.

Nobody on either plane was harmed although both aircraft suffered extensive physical damage. A fire started on the vertical stabilizer of the Turkish Airlines plane, but a fire brigade quickly put it out. The wingtip of the Asiana aircraft was also severely damaged in the collision.

The Turkish transport ministry has launched an investigation into the incident, according to The Korea Times.

In crowded and busy airports, ground collisions are not unheard of. In the past six months, there have been two collisions on taxiways at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport alone.