The pilot of a Eurowings flight managed to safely land his plane despite dramatic and nauseating turbulence on Thursday.

There were about 70 passengers onboard the plane as it landed at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport.

According to The Mirror, the airplane was battling winds at 70 miles per hour as it came in for a landing. The winds violently rocked the plane back and forth, captured in a stomach-clenching video.

The final seconds of the landing were particularly intense as the pilot had to fight winds that seemed to constantly push the Dash Q400 aircraft off course. The pilot managed to land on the runway and straighten the aircraft as it slowed down.

Despite the fact that crosswind landings are terrifying to watch — and even more so when you’re in the cabin — these dramatic landings are fairly common (although the instance captured in the video is fairly extreme).

"It's not really dangerous. It just requires the utmost of your training to kick in," Daniel Fahl, a commercial airline pilot, told CNN. "It does look dramatic, but that's just because the airplanes are so susceptible to the wind. But that's how they're designed. They're designed to be weather vanes that point into the wind."

For those who can stomach it, there’s a plethora of crosswind landing videos available online to test pilots’ nerves of steel.