Queen Elizabeth UK not amused expression
Credit: Tim Graham/Getty Images

When we say the Queen of England has it all, we really mean she has it all.

Not only does Queen Elizabeth have the quintessential picture-perfect royal family, she also happens to have a massive fortune, the world’s best chefs at her disposal, and a menagerie of animals, which includes all the mute swans in the River Thames and all the sea creatures in the English Channel.

But beyond all this, the Queen is also the namesake of parks, reserves, driveways, and even a famous spicy chicken dish known as the Coronation Chicken and the Vintners' bell, the largest and lowest-sounding of the eight Royal Jubilee bells in England.

As Reader’s Digest noted, there are at least 51 places including roads, monuments, buildings, schools, and even a mountain range named after the Queen. Canada tops the list of nations with the most things named after Queen Elizabeth, with 22 places and things baring her moniker. This includes the two — yes, two — sets of Queen Elizabeth Islands.

But those islands aren’t even the oddest places or things to be named after Queen Elizabeth. Keep scrolling to learn about a few of the coolest, and oddest, places around the globe named after the Queen.

Princess Elizabeth Land, Antarctica

This one may sound like the ultimate Disney location waiting to happen, and really, it could have been the inspiration behind Elsa’s castle in "Frozen."

You see, Princess Elizabeth Land is a small section of Antarctica between longitude 73 degrees east and Cape Penck, and is part of the Australian Arctic Territory. It also happens to be home to the coldest place on Earth, Vostok Station. Though, oddly enough this isn’t even the only Arctic region to be named after Queen Elizabeth. Not to be outdone, the British government named an area after Her Majesty as well.

Princess Elizabeth Mine, Australia

Nothing says “royalty” quite like a derelict beryllium mine, right? This mine, located near Mica Creek in Queensland, Australia, was once thriving and productive, but these days it sits unused. It’s still regal, however, since it does bear Her Majesty's name.

Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

This location feels a bit more befitting of a royal. In fact, Queen Elizabeth National Park, located in in the Western Region of Uganda, is actually the country’s most visited national park. It’s even home to plenty of the wildlife that the Queen is known to love, including hippos, crocodiles, elephants, leopards, and lions.

Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Hong Kong

All Queen Elizabeth had to do to get a stadium named after her was visit Hong Kong once. Really. The Queen visited Hong Kong for the first time in 1975, and a mere five years later a stadium was built in her honor. Today, the stadium is used for sporting events, concerts, and more, so we think the Queen would be proud.

Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, Scotland

In an effort to honor the Queen, Scotland named a vast wooded area after her with the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park. There, visitors can hike, visit the cafe, or even set out to see a few of the lochs where a monster or two may be lurking (just kidding… we think).

Queen Elizabeth Driveway, Canada

Sure, she’s got plenty of roads named after her, but it looks like there’s only one Queen Elizabeth Driveway on Earth. OK, so it’s not just the typical suburban asphalt “driveway” leading up to a ranch-style house, but the name is funny nonetheless. In reality, the driveway is actually a scenic parkway in Ottawa, Canada. And if you drive it you’ll have time to take it all in as the speed limit maxes out at 37 miles per hour.

Queen’s Bedroom, United States

While not technically named after Queen Elizabeth, there is a room inside the second floor of the White House that is reserved solely for the Queen of England. In fact, the room is "named and reserved for the Queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Realms." So really, it’s for Elizabeth and any future Queens that may come after her.