Kate Middleton is a bit busy these days. As the Duchess of Cambridge, her calendar is stacked with royal engagements, being pregnant with the next royal heir, and presumably helping out with the next royal wedding.

So really, it’s no surprise that she had to miss out on some sibling bonding time with her sister and brother, Pippa and James Middleton, as they took a ski trip together in Switzerland.

The two younger Middletons were spotted on the slopes together, along with Pippa’s husband James Matthews, just days after James Middleton announced his split from longtime girlfriend Donna Air.

But that breakup certainly seemed to be behind him as he, his sister, his brother-in-law, and a group of friends absolutely shredded down the mountainside. We are, after all, talking about a group of people who have all competed in professional-level racing events before.

Since she’s a royally adjacent person and all around stylish lady herself, Pippa also took time to look as chic as possible on the slopes by rocking a Moncler quilted white ski jacket, which goes for $1,450, according to the Daily Mail. (You can get a similar style for just $190 at

And if this Pippa spotting feels like the first time you’ve seen her in months it’s because it really is. The once highly visible sister has retreated from the public eye to focus more on her personal life than her public one.

"Much more so than Kate, Pippa has enjoyed the limelight over the years," Royal expert Duncan Larcombe told Town & Country. "I just think now she’s happy and happily married, settling down, not having to go to party after party or run these endurance events for charity. She seems to have put all of that behind her at the moment."

But, don’t worry, Pippa hasn’t given up being a socialite. As Larcombe added, "She’s certainly still very much the socialite in terms of her circle of friends. A lot of her friends have gotten married and settled down, so I think these days she’s more likely to be hosting dinner parties in their lavish house rather than going out on the town and being photographed."