Hamburgers and French Fries
Credit: Getty Images

Flight delays are typically not a pleasant experience, but one United Express pilot appears to be on a mission to change that.

On Monday, a United Express flight from Tusla to Houston found itself delayed on the tarmac for hours. However, rather than letting his passengers go hungry (and get hangry), Captain Matthew decided to take things into his own hands and ordered hamburgers for every single passenger on board the plane.

"We’re currently 2.5 hours into a delay leaving Tulsa on @united and our Captain, Matthew just ordered every single person on the plane lunch from Fat Guys Burger Bar," passenger Sam Walker wrote on Twitter. "Good people and customer service do still exist!"

United replied to the tweet, "Hey, Sam. How awesome! We're glad to hear the crew took care of you today. We'll pass along your praise to our teams."

Walker also importantly added on Twitter that this was a kindness Captain Matthew in no way needed to extend to his passengers. He also reminded everyone that delays aren’t the fault of pilots or crew members and in fact work in their detriment.

“Also, a great time to remind everyone that airline pilots and flight attendants are hourly employees that are only getting paid while the plane is in the air,” Walker explained. “So they’re dealing with this garbage and your attitude for free.”

For its part, Mesa Airlines, which operated the flight, told USA TODAY in a statement, "We take great pride in our crewmembers and always appreciate passengers’ positive feedback.”

According to FlightAware, the flight did finally make it to its intended destination, albeit four hours and 41 minutes late. But, at least nobody arrived hungry.