It’s not luck that makes a great pilot. It’s skill.

Chad Barber demonstrated how much pilots rely on problem solving and experience to get themselves out of dicey situations while flying his biplane over a field in Coral Springs, Florida.

While Barber was in the air practicing a series of spins and loops, his plane engine died, causing his propeller to stop spinning, and sending the plane into a nosedive.

The engine of his “Pitts Plane” had reportedly never cut out before, according to Caters News Agency, which is why he was in a state of disbelief at first. However, Barber managed to level the plane off in order to troubleshoot and get the engine going again.

Just as the plane was about to hit the ground and crash, Barber gets the plane engine going again.

Luckily, Barber was in an empty field and not near any kind of traffic.