They thought they were going to a simple football trivia session.
peyton manning
Credit: Getty Images/Bobby Ellis

Passengers at the Denver International Airport were in for a treat recently when they got a surprise visit from Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Though Manning retired last year, he wasn't too busy to make an unexpected visit to the airport, stopping into DIA's Zen Room to jump in on a football trivia session.

The athlete spent some time snapping photographs with excited fans and signing autographs as part of a promotional campaign the airport is putting on for the new room, which give travelers a space to get away from craze that can come with holiday shopping and travel. There's also a therapy dog program where you can play with furry pups for some stress relief before taking your flight. DIA representatives said on their website that they are planning more activities for its Zen Room, though there's no details on those plans quite yet.

Travelers were pleasantly shocked when Manning walked into the room asking, “Is this where the football trivia room is…am I in the right place?”

This isn’t the first time the former quarterback has shown up at the airport around the holidays — he worked with them back in 2012 to provide voice greetings to passengers taking their inter-terminal trains.