These Adorable Penguins Are Totally Transfixed by a Man's Yo-yo Skills (Video)

Emperor Penguins Antarctica
Photo: Getty Images

Penguins, they’re just like us.

When a cute little penguin spots pure talent, it just can't look away. Case in point: these adorable flightless birds at a Japanese zoo who are totally transfixed by a man’s superior Yo-yo ability.

The man, Twitter user @ninayukisan, posted several videos of himself doing Yo-yo tricks in front of a penguin enclosure. Naturally, the penguins loved the show. In fact, they couldn’t take their eyes off it.

At one point, the man moved to another side of the enclosure, but the penguins waddled after him, desperate for an encore.

Of course, the man gave the penguins what they wanted by continuing to do tricks while walking around the pool. You can see the penguins bobbing their heads with every swing of the man’s Yo-yo.

It’s like when humans can’t take their eyes off shiny objects or are compelled to shop on Black Friday. But with penguins.

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