Penguin swimming in Antarctica waters
Credit: Getty Images

"Oh hey, perhaps you've noticed I'm a penguin? Okay. Bye."

A curious penguin in Antarctica decided to check up on operations happening with the Australian Antarctic Division by jumping into one of their boats.

Just wondering if he could borrow a bit of rope, maybe. Or just looking for more fish. It's definitely the fish.

The cute, flightless little bird was captured on video by communications specialist Matthew McKay and shared on Twitter with the hashtag #justanotherdayattheoffice. He makes Antarctica seem so fun.

The penguin quickly jumped back into the water after having a little look around. We guess there was nothing much to see, except some boring humans.

People on Twitter were very curious as to the penguin's motivation. Clearly he was up to something.

Whatever his inspiration may have been, it seems he was disappointed based on the way he jumped back into the water.

Kthanksbye back at you, penguin.