Delta Passengers Can Now Find Their Inflight Zen With Peloton Meditation Classes

The fitness platform is now offering stretching and meditation classes in the airline's seatback entertainment studio.

Even during the most normal of years, traversing an airport during the holidays can be stressful — and, as we all know, traveling lately has only just started to feel somewhat normal. But luckily, a new partnership between Peloton and Delta Air Lines could help any stressed-out fliers find a bit of zen on the flights home for the holidays this year.

Starting this month, Delta passengers will be able to stream "Classes in the Clouds" from fitness company Peloton to help them relax right in their seats.

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Delta passengers will be able to take stretching and guided meditation classes from Peloton instructors, including some of the platform's most popular teachers like Anna Greenberg, Chelsea Jackson-Roberts, Matty Maggiacomo and Adrian Williams.

The classes are available exclusively onboard Delta flights and range in length from five to 20 minutes, helping passengers relax, recharge, stretch or fall asleep mid-flight.

Of the new collaboration Chief Content Officer Jen Cotter, told CNN that these types of classes "critical to anyone's wellness routine" especially while traveling.

The classes will be available on all Delta flights equipped with seatback entertainment for a limited time through early next year, the airline shared with Travel + Leisure.

It is the very first time that Peloton content will be available on a non-Peloton platform — meaning that many people will be coming face-to-face with Peloton for the first time and learning that it's not just that stationary bike that you keep seeing ads for.

"It gives us the chance for people that aren't Peloton members about this accessibility and that we have the best fitness content in the world," Cotter told CNN. "We know that once someone downloads the Peloton app and tries one of our classes, they're going to fall in love with Peloton."

And if meditation isn't your thing, travelers can skim through Spotify playlists and podcasts on their seatback screens thanks to the streaming platform's partnership with Delta announced in September.

Cailey Rizzo is a contributing writer for Travel + Leisure, currently based in Brooklyn. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, or at

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