ALK Airlines
Credit: Getty Images

There's a reason you should keep your seatbelt fastened on airplanes, and that's because turbulence can strike at any time.

An ALK Airlines flight from Kosovo to Switzerland hit severe turbulence that injured several passengers and crew, USA Today reported.

A passenger video posted by Mirjeta Basha, passengers can be seen sitting in their seats when suddenly the overhead compartments open and spill out people’s belongings. According to ABC, A flight attendant and a drink cart were violently thrown to the ceiling by the shaking.

The flight attendant in question can be seen on the right-hand side of the video, in yellow.

A passenger told Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten that turbulence started about 30 minutes into the flight. Ambulances met the plane as soon as it landed at EuroAirport, in Switzerland. ALK Airlines representative Lora Koleva told USA Today that, despite the turbulence, the plane landed normally. Koleva also said that the flight attendant in the video was not injured.

Ten passengers were taken to the local hospital to be treated for minor injuries, though some passengers reported there were some serious injuries, too. There were 121 passengers on the flight.

Several studies in the last few years have predicted that climate change could create more unpredictable weather patterns and wind, leading to more pockets of turbulence when you’re in the air. Next time you fly, don't forget to buckle up, just to be safe.