Travelers Heading to LaGuardia Airport Can Skip the Security Line for $15

Welcome to the B-FAST lane.

Travelers flying through LaGuardia Airport may be able to skip to the front of the security line thanks to a new on-demand paid service.

The new B-FAST lane, which is available in the airport's Terminal B, gives passengers the option of purchasing an express pass to skip to the front of the line of a dedicated security lane, according to the terminal operator.

"This is another example of how we are giving guests technology to help them control their journey at Terminal B," Frank Scremin, the chief executive officer of LaGuardia Gateway Partners, told Travel + Leisure. "B-FAST gives travelers the option to fly through security through a dedicated lane when they're in a rush."

Travelers can purchase a pass in advance for $10 or purchase a pass for instant use for $15. Those who buy an advance pass must wait at least 1 hour after purchase to use it. The passes, which the airport first started testing over the summer, can be bought up to 90 days in advance.

Currently, the prices are set, but the airport told T+L they may look into demand-based pricing in the future.

When travelers arrive at the airport, they scan their passes and go to the front of the TSA security line.

Beyond the fast pass option, the terminal has made efforts to expedite the airport process by installing an Artificial Intelligence-based system to screen checked baggage as well as an automated bin system for going through security.

Courtesy of LaGuardia Gateway Partners

The airport's new Terminal B opened to the public last year, part of a multi-billion dollar renovation plan. And in 2019, Delta Air Lines opened the first concourse of its new Terminal C at LaGuardia.

The new fast pass option comes as millions are expected to travel through U.S. airports over the Thanksgiving and December holiday periods.

But LaGuardia isn't the only U.S. airport offering a paid system to bypass long security lines. Travelers heading out of Orlando International Airport can bypass security with a new program from biometric security company Clear. And in October, LAX started testing a free "LAX Fast Lane" program with United Airlines where travelers select 15-minute windows.

Earlier this year, the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport also tested its Sea Spot Saver program, which allowed travelers to book screening appointments up to 24 hours before their departure.

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