By Andrea Romano
January 17, 2019
Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas
Credit: Andia/UIG via Getty Images

If you’re wondering the one thing you should never do on a cruise: We give you Exhibit A.

Nick Naydev, a 27-year-old from Vancouver, Washington, was enjoying a cruise with his friends on the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas when he decided to do something that most of us would agree is probably against the rules in the “cruise guest handbook.”

According to Fox News, the ship was docked in Nassau, Bahamas when Naydev decided to jump from the 11th floor of the ship and into the water. All while his three friends filmed him doing it.

Some people are their own worst enemies.

Luckily, Naydev was not too hurt from his jump, which he estimated to be about 100 feet, he told Fox 13. He mentioned on his Instagram that he had some neck and tailbone pain, but was “good now,” according to Fox News.

Though he escaped bodily harm, Naydev didn’t escape being banned from Royal Caribbean cruises for life. He also managed to get his friends banned as well.

“This was stupid and reckless behavior and he and his companions have been banned from ever sailing with us again,” the manager of Royal Caribbean’s corporate communications told Fox News.

Naydev’s motivations for wanting to jump were murky. Konstantin Kryachun, one of the friends, told Yahoo! Lifestyle that Naydev is known for making jumps like this and that they “wanted to get a video of it and make it go viral.” Naydev himself said he was “truly astonished at how this video has spread throughout the Internet.” Adding, “I did not think this through before I jumped.”

To go viral or not to go viral, that seems to be the question. But one thing the group did not consider was the repercussions for their actions.

“We didn’t really care about the consequences with the cruise company,” Kryachun told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

After Naydev hit the water, Yahoo! Lifestyle reported, he was picked up by a small boat and brought back to the ship by local police to gather his things to leave. Naydev was told he was not allowed to reboard the ship, according to Fox News. He was then left to find his way home from the Bahamas on his own.

According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, his three friends were also escorted off the boat.

The video on Instagram, however, did achieve some of its goal by amassing over 91,000 views as of the time this article was written.

Local police did not press charges, since apparently they found the stunt “amusing.” Royal Caribbean, however, is seeking legal action against Naydev.

If you want to take a cruise, by all means, please do. Just don’t jump off the ship. And if you want to go to port, make sure you’re using the proper exits.