By Andrea Romano
March 06, 2019

You can’t always get what you want when you fly, especially when it comes to your inflight meal.

Airplane food already gets a bad rap for being unhealthy, tasteless, or just plain awful. Although business class passengers are often served far more quality meals than in economy, it doesn’t mean their meal is always perfect.

And one business class passenger on an Air Canada flight on Saturday was not pleased with his selection, according to Fox News. According to an anonymous witness on the flight, a man became disruptive because he didn’t get the meal he wanted, causing a five hour delay.

The witness said to CTV that the unidentified man claimed he could not eat meat or gluten, demanding a fish meal from the flight attendant. Unfortunately, the flight attendant informed him that there were no more fish meals available on the flight.

That’s when it became ugly. According to the witness, the man began to “throw a hissy fit” over not getting fish, apparently telling a flight attendant, “If I don’t get fish, there will be a problem. One way or another, I will get my fish, either you serve it to me or I will serve it to myself.”

The witness also described the man to CTV as “very belligerent” and “very rude to the flight attendant,” but did not appear to be drunk, according to CTV. They also noted that the flight attendant continued to be polite to the man, even under the circumstances.

Plenty of people have encountered less-than-desirable food and beverages on flights, like one easyJet passenger who was served a long-expired meal, or a Scoot passenger who asked for tap water and got melting ice instead.

However, being rude or verbally abusive to a flight attendant for not having enough fish is a completely different situation.

The whole ordeal took so long that the flight actually had to find a new crew because the original crew hit their daily limit of hours during the delay.

The man was eventually removed from the flight and the other passengers were finally able to board and take off around 7:30 p.m. The flight was originally scheduled at 2 p.m.

Air Canada confirmed with CTV that there was a delay due to a disruptive passenger and that the crew had to be changed over. According to Fox News, people on Twitter have dubbed the incident “#fishgate.”

Perhaps the passenger was just “hangry”?