Owen Wilson Cartagena Colombia

Originally published on March 22nd, 2018.

Owen Wilson owes a whole lot of people an apology. According to reports, the actor caused an entire hotel to be evacuated because he simply needed to smoke a cigarette.

Wilson, who was vacationing in Miami with a mystery blonde, showed up at The Tavern at Hotel Croydon sometime after midnight Wednesday morning, according to Page Six. The pair were spotted lighting up a few cigarettes by the bathroom when suddenly the smoke detectors started blaring and lights began flashing.

“Owen set off the smoke alarm in the hotel by smoking a cigarette near the bathroom,” a source told Page Six. “The entire hotel was evacuated.”

Video footage also reportedly shows the pair dancing away as the alarm goes off. They then slip out of the bar and walk away into the night, cigarettes still in hand.

Though smoking is banned in many hotels, in some, people can still light up in permissible areas. However, Wilson’s poor behavior, including leaving the scene, may get him banned from the hotel one day. And he wouldn’t be the first celebrity to be barred from a swanky hotel.

Several A-listers have been barred from re-entry after displaying bad behavior. For example, actor John Travolta was once told he was no longer welcome at the spa of The Peninsula in New York City after displaying “creepy” behavior. Paris Hilton was also once banned from the Wynn in Las Vegas after she got arrested for possession of cocaine.

However, there are a few places that openly welcome this raucous behavior. “We embrace the spirit of rock ’n’ roll,” Brandon Powers, creative director of the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, said. “They can trash their room or even take a donkey up there, so long as we don’t have to clean up after it in the casino. It takes a lot for us to ask someone to leave.”

So, Owen, next time, maybe go to Vegas instead.