Trying to navigate through busy airports while wheeling around luggage can be tricky at times, but self-driving robotics company ForwardX is looking to change that with its new luggage, Ovis.

Equipped with computer vision technology, Ovis is the world’s first vision-powered carry-on that can not only follow you from behind, but can also move autonomously by your side, company representatives claim.

The carbon fiber suitcase is also equipped with sensors that allow it to follow you at a speed of almost 7 miles per hour without running into anything, while route projection technology helps it recognize its path.

ovis luggage
Credit: Courtesy of ForwardX

Ovis' features are similar to what you’ll find from Cowarobot, an autonomous carry-on that can follow you from behind and by your side if you're wearing a bracelet, but with Ovis, no wearable technology is required.

If you do want to use your phone with Ovis, however, you can check the weight of your luggage with the Ovis app.

The bag also comes with a real-time GPS location tracker in case you lose it, and a smart alarm to alert you if it falls too far behind you.

Take a look at how it works with the video below.

Since airlines have also been cracking down on smart luggage, Ovis also comes with a TSA-approved digital lock that can automatically unlock itself once you’re near security, as well as a battery that can be removed and double as a charging dock for your phone.

The Ovis site claims the luggage comes with enough power to last two round-trips, and you can always switch to manual mode and carry the bag the old fashion way by gripping its handle.

ForwardX recently acquired a series A funding of $10 million, and Ovis is currently on sale on Indiegogo for a pre-oder price of $319 (a 60-percent savings on its full price of $799).