This Robot at Seattle Airport Will Bring Food From Restaurants Right to Your Gate

Meet Gita.

A small robot on wheels has begun roaming the terminals at Seattle-Tacoma Airport, delivering meals to travelers waiting at their gates.

The airport recently introduced "OrderSEA," a mobile ordering service that links travelers with 16 of the airport's restaurants to order pick up when they're crunched for time. The service also includes gate delivery from the OrderSEA robot, named Gita.

"Technology can make your airport experience more flexible and less stressful," Port of Seattle Commissioner Sam Cho said in a statement. "OrderSEA means travelers can skip standing in a crowded line, the least fun and most stressful part of any trip."

Gita, the robot on wheels, is capable of storing up to 40 pounds of food and delivering it around the terminal (for a $2.99 fee). For now, the robot is accompanied by a human escort around the airport but if demand for the service is high, a fleet of Gita robots could soon be wheeling around the terminal, according to The Seattle Times.

Seattle airport
YouTube/Port of Seattle

All frequent fliers know the agony of having to make a decision between getting food or getting to your gate on time. The airport's new feature allows travelers to order online or from their mobile devices ahead of time, telling them exactly how long the wait for food will be. So, if you're pressed for time, you could order a meal from your phone while waiting in the security line and have it delivered to your gate right on time.

OrderSEA currently allows for orders from restaurants like McDonald's, Trail Head BBQ Bar and Pizza Vino, with more options to be added over the coming months.

The airport has also developed many other time-saving ways to keep travelers out of line. Passengers can use the "SEA Spot Saver" and reserve a time slot to pass through TSA security checkpoints. And Sea-Tac also offers Pre-Booked parking for seamless, contact-free travel for those driving to the airport. You can book and pay for your parking ahead of your arrival, scan a booking QR code at the garage entry and then be on your way.

And during the pandemic, the airport opened up "Shot Bar," a walk-up bar for those who wanted to drink but couldn't sit down and enjoy a leisurely cocktail.

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