Oprah Winfrey Travel Dog

Usually, when people bring a dog on a plane with them, it's to provide them with some sort of medical or emotional support. But for Oprah, the relationship appears to be in reverse.

The one-time queen of daytime was caught adorably comforting her golden retriever, Luke, on a private plane ride from Hawaii by her best friend, Gayle King. And luckily for fans everywhere, King was kind enough to share all the photos on Instagram.

“Nervous flyer Luke on board! Mom to the rescue swipe left to see who mom is & how she makes everything better ..stars they’re just like US!,” King wrote in the Instagram caption of her mini slideshow.

In the photos, Luke looks a bit nervous as the plane flies 30,000 feet in the air, which must be an odd sensation for a dog no doubt. Then, mama Oprah quickly comes to the rescue as she heads to the back of the plane to give her pooch, who she adopted as a puppy in 2006, a good, comforting squeeze. And really, getting a hug from Oprah must be pure magic, so we assume Luke immediately calmed down.

Oprah, along with her longtime partner Stedman, their dogs, and a few other friends, were in Hawaii to celebrate King’s 63rd birthday. And they reportedly did so in style inside the walls of Oprah’s palatial Maui compound.

There, according to the Daily Mail, the entire birthday crew had a serious island feast, which included dover sole meuniere, braised short ribs, cauliflower au gratin, buttered carrots, skillet potatoes, and a butter lettuce salad. We’re sure Luke enjoyed a delicious Milk-Bone at the dinner too.

Following the meal, King was presented with a yellow frosted cake by Oprah as well, because that’s what real BFFs do.

No word on what Luke gifted King for her birthday, but we’re sure it was slobbery and heartfelt.