He had been riding since leaving Switzerland last February.
Mischa Gasser
Credit: Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Athleticism is a common trait in the Gasser family.

The father and stepmother of Swiss Olympic skier Mischa Gasser biked more than 10,000 miles to see him compete at this year's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Guido Huwiler, 55, and his wife Rita Ruttimann, 57, left their home outside of Zurich last February to begin the cycling journey. The pair biked nearly every day for the past year, passing through 20 countries to arrive in South Korea for the Olympics, Reuters reported. Huwiler documented his trip both on Instagram and on his personal blog.

"To arrive here and see my son waiting for us. We were really touched. I had no words,” Huwiler told Reuters. “I think it’s most important that he lives his dream and I just wish to be close to him when he gets this moment,” he said.

Gasser finished in the top five of the men's aerials qualifier over the weekend, with a score of 121.72 points. Gasser cites his father's adventurous spirit — Huwiler used to sky dive — as part of his inspiration for participating in the high-flying sport of aerial skiing.

“My dad is crazy,” Gasser said after his qualifier Saturday night, Yahoo reported. “He was a skydiver as well in his younger age. It’s just what they have to do.”

Gasser's father and stepmother are planning another year-long cycling trip to return home from the Olympics, this time passing through Russia and China.