It weighs over 29 pounds.

By Alison Fox
May 01, 2020
Courtesy of Christie's

A piece of lunar rock from the moon — the fifth largest found on Earth — is being sold for more than $2 million, according to Christie’s.

The piece of the moon, called NWA 12691, came to Earth as part of a large meteorite shower and was found in the Sahara Desert two years ago, details read. In total, 30 different meteorites were collected as part of that meteorite shower.

Now, NWA 12691, which weighs more than 29 pounds, is up for sale, valued at £2 million, or more than $2.5 million.

“I’ve been lucky enough to handle a few lunar meteorites at Christie’s over the years, but every time I see this specimen in the warehouse the sheer size of it bowls me over,” the head of Science & Natural History for Christie’s, James Hyslop, said in a statement. “Weighing over 13.5kg, it is so much larger than anything else that has ever been offered before. The experience of holding a piece of another world in your hands is something you never forget.”

According to Christie’s, there are less than 650 kilograms (or just over 1,400 pounds) of lunar meteorites known on Earth — and even the Apollo space program didn’t bring back anything this large.

Lunar meteorites are identified by everything from their texture to chemical and isotopic signatures, according to the group. These rocks also contain gases that have been captured by solar wind that are different than the ones found on Earth.

In addition to the large lunar meteorite, Christie’s is also selling 13 aesthetic iron meteorites, which it valued at about £1.4 million, or more than $1.7 million.

The sales come as Americans prepare to launch into space aboard an American rocket and spacecraft from U.S. soil for the first time since 2011.

But if you can’t afford the high price tag of the moon, you can travel there for free --virtually, that is -- with NASA’s tours, including a look around the International Space Station.