By Andrea Romano
August 03, 2018

When you think of a fantasy photo shoot backdrop, you can’t do better than Santorini.

Alexandra Maye, a newly licensed nurse, staged a photoshoot on the Greek island while on vacation there after completing her program and passing her exam.

In addition to getting some rest and relaxation, she also wanted to use her trip to Santorini as an opportunity to indulge in her passion for photography and modeling. After doing some research, she found Miami Dress Photo's photographer Chaltcev Aleksander and makeup artist Elina to schedule a special “flying dress” photo shoot in Imerovigli, Santorini.

Credit: Chaltcev Aleksander

The flying dresses are made of super light material that naturally catches the wind, so they make a huge impression on camera.

“The shoot was so magical. My boyfriend is a photographer so Aleks even incorporated him into the shoot an showed him how to capture great shots which was really special to me,” Maye told Travel + Leisure in an email.

In order to get the flying affect, makeup artist Elina would throw the material up into the air before each shot.

“I always wanted to be America's Next Top Model growing up and would sign it after my name in my elementary school yearbook,” Maye said.

As effortless as Maye’s shoot looks, she also noted that there was quite a bit of hard work involved. “I'm happy that I spent time at the gym weeks before the trip because it required some upper body strength to get on the top of some of the locations.”

The response to Maye’s photos on Instagram have been overwhelmingly positive, with many commenters leaving compliments and notes saying how Maye has inspired them.

“To see the positive responses from all viewing my pictures make me feel like my dream is coming true,” Maye said. She hopes that her photos are helpful to others, either just as a reminder to love themselves or to practice self-care.

“Life gets super busy but try to take time to do the things that make your heart smile and make you feel alive,” she said.