By Stacey Leasca
December 11, 2018

Two nuns from California are going to have to throw out a few extra Hail Mary’s in their next confession.

According to the BBC, sisters Mary Kreuper and Lana Chang were caught taking money from St James' Catholic School in the city of Torrance, California to spend at Las Vegas casinos.

The sisters, who BBC reported to be “best friends,” allegedly deposited checks made out to the school for tuition and other fees into a separate, unmonitored bank account. It was an easy take as Kreuper was the school’s principal for 29 years and Chang worked as a teacher for the last two decades. The pair allegedly took the money over the course of at least the last decade and apparently left it all on the roulette table. In total, the pair may have taken as much as $500,000.

The pair, BBC added, was only found out after the Archdiocese of Los Angeles did a routine audit and discovered the discrepancy.

In a statement, St James' Catholic Church originally said no criminal charges would be brought against the sisters. However, according to the National Catholic Register, a criminal complaint will be filed by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, the order the nuns represent, has placed them in a religious house under supervision.

"As a religious community, we will not defend the actions of our Sisters," the order shared in their own statement. "What happened is wrong. Our Sisters take full responsibility for the choices they made and are subject to the law.

"Our community is concerned and saddened by this situation and regret any injury to our long relationship with the families of the school," the church added in the statement.

Michael Meyers, the monsignor of the church, added in a letter to parishioners, "Sister Mary Margaret and Sister Lana have expressed to me and asked that I convey to you, the deep remorse they each feel for their actions and ask for your forgiveness and prayers."

Whatever happens, we're waiting for the movie version of this reverse "Sister Act" story to come to Netflix.