person in snow
Credit: Getty Images/Mila Araujo

We're in for more cold this weekend as another snowstorm will make its way across the U.S.

Though the northeast storm is expected to be a quickly moving one, meaning it will bring in lighter amounts of snowfall, locals and travelers in affected states will want to on alert as snowy conditions could lead to flight cancelations and slippery road conditions over President's Day weekend.

The storm is expected to last anywhere from six to 12 hours in most of the affected areas, according to Accuweather, with the majority of snowfall expected to fall at a rate of an inch per hour Saturday evening.

Accuweather's latest forecast points to a combination of rain and melting snow hitting southern Ohio, western Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and southern New Jersey on Saturday night, creating wet road conditions that will continue through Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, those in Cincinnati, Charleston, Annapolis, Dover, Atlantic City and Washington, D.C., will be in for rainy conditions, with one to three inches of snow expected in cities that include Philadelphia and New York City.

While airlines have not started canceling flights for the storm as of yet, travelers will want to be on alert as Saturday’s conditions could lead to the need to facilitate deicing operations, potentially delaying and canceling operations into the evening.

Temperatures are expected to pick up again by Sunday morning, assisting in melting any remaining snow off of the streets and roads.

The storm's approach follows the splitting of the polar vortex this week, which has resulted in two smaller vortices that reside over western Canada and Europe.

The split will likely bring an initial cold weather front across the eastern U.S. and Europe, according to, resulting in chilly conditions to Europe towards the end of February and start of March.