By Cailey Rizzo
April 15, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of Denver Miller

A New Mexico family of five transformed a school bus into a tiny, photogenic mobile home.

Denver and Vanessa Miller, along with their three sons, London, Phoenix and Everest, are traveling around the country in their renovated school bus. They routinely post pictures of their bus life under the Instagram handle @NomadicMillers and have attracted more than 11,000 followers.

Credit: Courtesy of Denver Miller

Because Denver works remotely, the family is able to move the bus around the country. They have been living aboard the bus for two years with no immediate plans to move back to a fixed-location life.

The Millers spent two years renovating the bus before moving in. Renovations included raising the roof 20 inches (Denver is 6’ tall and needed more headspace), installing “rooms,” and adding a water system.

Credit: Courtesy of Denver Miller
Credit: Courtesy of Denver Miller

And just because they’re living in a 250-square-foot bus does not mean the Millers need to give up the comforts of a family living room. At the front of the bus, they have installed a flat screen TV and a surround sound system for movie nights. The kitchen includes an oven, stove, fridge and deep sink.

The interior features trendy touches like snake plants and letterboard signs. The master bedroom transforms into the school room thanks to a Murphy bed with a chalkboard installed on the bottom. (Vanessa homeschools the three boys, all under the age of five.)

The Millers are currently driving through New Mexico but hope to take their bus through the entire country and up to Canada and Alaska.