Airports take any potential security threat very seriously. Mentioning, or even joking about, the presence of explosives can land a passenger in hot water — or can even lead to legal action.

Unfortunately, this fact doesn’t seem to be common knowledge to all travelers, including NFL player Trevor Davis.

Davis was arrested on Monday at Los Angeles International Airport after making a joke to a ticket agent about bringing explosives in his bag, The Washington Post reported.

An airport spokesman, Rob Pedregon, told the Associated Press that Davis was boarding his flight on Hawaiian Airlines when he made the joke, which prompted the agent to call the police. He was subsequently booked on a charge of making a false bomb threat, which is a misdemeanor, and he was later released with a court summons, according to AP.

From the outside, it may seem like a big misunderstanding, but in actuality, it's a prime example of a passenger being far too casual about national security. When the ticket agent asked Davis if he packed any explosives in his bag, he reportedly replied, jokingly, “yes.”

According to TMZ Sports, he then turned to the woman he was traveling with and said, “Did you pack the explosives?” The woman said “no” and refused to play along with Davis’ joke, TMZ reported, asking him to stop. Davis then said he was "just kidding," but at that point, the agent was already in the process of calling the police.

The woman traveling with Davis was not charged with any crimes.

Davis will have to appear in court on May 3. He could also be subject to discipline by the NFL and his team, The Green Bay Packers.

The team said in a statement that they are “in the process of gathering more information and will refrain from making any further comment as it is an ongoing legal matter.”

Just last week, another false bomb scare shut down Brisbane International Airport after a bag with the word “BOM” written on it arrived on a baggage carousel. It was discovered later that “BOM” was actually an abbreviation for the airport in Mumbai. We hope now it's finally clear that jokes or even innocuous or vague references to bombs really have no place in an airport.