While spring is in full force for many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, parts of Newfoundland, Canada seemed to experience a second winter.

A cold front last week dropped about 12 inches of snow has fallen across parts of central Newfoundland. Snow flurries also continued later thorugh the week, according to The Weather Network.

On the bright side, school children got a late, unexpected snow day as dozens of schools in the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District are closed until midday Thursday, CTV News reported.

According to Environment Canada meteorologist Linda Libby to CTV News, the snowfall, while substantial and somewhat surprising, isn't entirely inconceivable this time of year. Back in 2013, the area experienced snowfall well into June. Welcome to Canada.

Still, people are amazed at the freak weather event and are sharing pictures of their wintry homes and communities on social media.